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The Gifts of Fatherhood

Hermaneutics By Herman Goodden - - Everything Else


I’ve long wanted to write a Father’s Day column focussing not on what magnificent, homage-worthy creatures dads are – though indeed many are and my own not the least among them – but on the salutary effect that creating and helping to raise a crop of kids has on a chap.

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Taking a Stand in London By Herman Goodden - - Art & Books


In this excerpt from Three Artists: Kurelek, Chambers & Curnoe, to be published by Elmwood Press this year, Herman Goodden examines two of Greg Curnoe’s most pronounced qualities – his utter lack of a religious gene and his impassioned devotion to London, Ontario – and muses on some of the higher mysteries of transference, substitution and rechanneling.

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Brexit Et Cetera

Letters to the Editor - - Art & Books, Everything Else, News & Politics


[Re: The Man Who Understood Dickens, Hermaneutics, June 23, Herman Goodden] Thanks so much for your recent article on G.K. Chesterton. I keep returning to Dickens over the years – so have added the Chesterton book to “my list”. Oddly the book seems to go by two title variations: Appreciations and Criticisms and Criticisms and Appreciations. – A London reader, Michael Brunet

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