Behind the Scenes at Sunfest: A talk with Alfredo Caxaj

Yodeller Interview By Bruce Monck - - Music & Food

Sunfest, this July 7th to 10th, will be celebrating its 22nd successful year in our city. During a particularly busy period of preparation and tweaking, Alfredo Caxaj took some time out of his schedule to talk with The Yodeller about this popular world music festival’s beginnings and future.

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Returning to The Weir

Theatre Space By Adam Corrigan Holowitz - - Theatre & Film

CORRIGAN HOLOWITZ Conor McPhersonKilleen’s rule when choosing plays to produce is that the script must be so gripping that he has no choice but to read the play in one sitting”

When Conor McPherson’s 1997 drama The Weir was first performed in London Ontario, back in 2001, the production was such a hit that there were fistfights in the lobby for tickets. If folks had only known that they would simply have to wait 15 years for that production’s director, Don Fleckser, to direct the play again, perhaps some knuckles would have been spared.

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Then Play On By Dave Clarke - - Music & Food

CLARKE Around Town Steel PantherSteel Panther

at the London Music Hall

Monday, July 11th

Though the days of glam hair metal bands has passed by, Los Angeles’ Steel Panther affectionately lampoon the look and the profane lyrics of such pretty boy bands as Poison and Motley Crue. They started as Metal Shop releasing their self-produced debut Hole Patrol in 2003.

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Visions of the Mind’s Eye

Look at this By Nida Home Doherty - - Art & Books

HOME DOHERTY Erica Dornbusch_Walking each other home_acrylic on canvas_24x30As Dornbusch channels her visions of inner self and spiritual connectedness into her paintings, she, in turn, connects with eternal images of the female found in ancient myths and religious stories”

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- - Music & Food

Art Bergmann’s not getting any younger and his bones are giving him grief, which is to say there might not be that many more opportunities to catch Canada’s godfather of punk in live performance. This always arresting singer-songwriter wouldn’t know how to fake it if he wanted to and it’s that ever-present note of authenticity that has attracted top drawer collaborators like John Cale and Chris Spedding to sit in with him in the studio.

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The Gestalt of Brexit

Dappled Things By Paula Adamick - - News & Politics

ADAMICK Brexit poster  “Regardless of how the vote goes, millions of average Brits – who’ve long felt sold out by their own elites – will be voting for a sense of freedom they haven’t felt for a long time.”

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Fear of Shopping Hangover Helper

By Shane DeLear - - Everything Else

DELEAR FredmeyerMy recurring waking nightmare involves going to the grocery store”

When one is in the business of hangovers, conversations with friends sometimes turn into a bit of a competition. People want to earn that gold star, to have had THE WORST HANGOVER OF ALL TIME.

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The Man Who Understood Dickens Hermaneutics

by Herman Goodden - - Art & Books

HERMANEUTICS Charles Dickens_Chesterton 2The English-speaking world celebrated the bicentennial of Charles Dickens’ birth a few years ago, according him accolades second only to William Shakespeare for sheer fecundity in the service of literary genius. Not so widely acknowledged at that time was the impact of the great Catholic writer and apologist, G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936) in framing our understanding of Dickens. Chesterton’s acclaimed biography of Charles Dickens was published in 1906 when Chesterton was 32 years old, and had already tackled biographies of the Victorian allegorical painter, G.F. Watts and the poet, Robert Browning.

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