Painting the Power of the Sea

Look at This By Nida Home Doherty - - Art & Books

NIDA SMI,W122In all of St. Thomas Smith’s seascape paintings we connect with the ebb and flow of the tidal pull in a very visceral way”

In the 28 watercolours by the prolific painter William St. Thomas Smith, currently showing at the Thielsen Gallery, a very distinctive application of paint strikes the eye. After an initial broad sweeping gaze at his work, one thing lingers in the mind — St. Thomas Smith’s undeniable ability to capture fully the depth, vastness, and varying and unyielding temperament of the sea.

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Ahead of Misfits Reunion, Doyle makes a pit stop at London’s Shock Stock

By: Deanne Kondrat - - Everything Else, Theatre & Film

KONDRAT Shock Stock Doyle 3Where else can you see movies like Dick Shark and Killer Rack, see the actor of the original Jason Voorhees in his horror rock band and take part in a Q and A with punk/metal legend, Doyle? Only at Shock Stock, Canada’s premiere Horror Convention, taking place in London, Ontario May 27 to 29. Shock Stock is a weekend of film screening, celebrity guests, horror panels and a lot of unhinged craziness.



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Khan of Londonistan

Dappled Things By Paula Adamick - - News & Politics

ADAMICK Mayor KhanKhan now becomes the most powerful Muslim politician in the Western world, representing 8.5 million Londoners and responsible for a £17 billion annual budget”

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A Fiery Implosion at the Geekworks

Sounds Razor By Sean Twist - - Everything Else

TWIST Red converse on ladderWhen fandom became mainstream, I knew we were done for”

We interrupt UncleBob’s Hayley Mills Fan Fiction Hour for breaking news here on Yodeller Radio. We are getting reports that the underground base for London’s Geek Council on Richmond Street – hidden in the old stables beneath what used to be the New Yorker – is now a raging inferno. Police have cordoned off the area and are offering anyone with information a free copy of Pokemon Yellow.

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Really, do we need public input on everything?

The Contrarian By Tim Kavanagh - - News & Politics

KAVANAGH garbage cansIf we require a public forum for every decision that is made at City Hall than guess what . . . do we require City Council?”

So apparently, our City Councillors and staff are giving consideration to reduce the bag limit for garbage from four bags to three bags per week. Seems relatively simple, since we have increased the amount of materials that can be placed in our blue boxes. However, in order to accomplish what some would think to be an easy task, we require public input. Why is it that everything that has to be considered in the City requires a public meeting? Please, make a decision and live with the outcome.

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Heritage Preservation

Bob McKenzie - - Everything Else, News & Politics

MCKENZIE_0526_NO_CAPTION_Photo - Bob McKenzieHeritage Preservation

In an op-ed piece (“Kingsmill’s Coming Down?” — The London Yodeller, October 9, 2014) I suggested that the reports in London’s mainstream media of Fanshawe College “moving into” the Kingsmill’s building gave the false impression that the 1932 heritage building would be preserved and that the college would occupy it pretty much “as is,” with some renovations. Fanshawe encouraged that belief by issuing a drawing that showed a modern, three-storey addition piled on top of the existing structure. I gave my opinion that in reality Fanshawe intended to completely demolish the building, leaving a vacant lot upon which to erect an entirely new building. Now we know.

Bob McKenzie

The Desolation of the Post-Gay Liberation Era

All That I Survey By Joseph Couture - - Everything Else, News & Politics

The Internet is the worst thing that ever happened to the gay world”

You might be tempted to think there has never been a better time for the gay community. But you would be wrong. It is a time of crisis. What’s happening in the States with the growing backlash against gay rights is merely one aspect of the problem. Here at home, it is what is happening internally that is most worrisome. I’ve been an openly gay man for more than thirty years. I hope I haven’t seen it all, but I might be close. What is clear looking back over the span of three decades of immersion in the community is how there never really was a community in the first place, and what passed for one is slipping away.

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The Tears of a Clown

Riplash By Jason Rip - - Theatre & Film

RIP Jason Betty Bubbles 3Cooper says that she is portraying a version of herself that no longer exists. ‘This play puts me in a Being John Malkovich situation, being myself but not myself’”

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