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Beatles Fest Coming to Town

Pegg’s World By Robert Pegg - - Music & Food
The London Yodeller

“’While you’re up there,’ he instructed, ‘Pick out your favorite girl in class and sing directly to her, looking right into her eyes.’ This, mind you, from a ten-year-old. Today he works in advertising.”

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Then Play On By Dave Clark - - Music & Food
The London Yodeller


Edgar Winter

Saturday, August 27th

at The London Music Hall

At the beginning of his career Edgar Winter was overshadowed by his equally melanin-challenged big brother Johnny who had released four albums by the time Edgar’s 1970 debut Entrance was released.

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AROUND TOWN – Then Play On

Then Play On By Dave Clarke - - Music & Food
The London Yodeller

The Northern Pikes - Home County Music & Arts Festival - 
July 16th


Saskatoon Saskatchewan’ s Northern Pikes had already released two indie eps before signing with Virgin Records and releasing their debut album, Big Blue Sky, in 1987, that contained their first single, the post punk track, Teenland. They opted for a more rootsy sound on its follow-up, 1988’s Secrets of the Alibi, which included singles Let’s Pretend, Wait for Me and Hopes Go Astray and set the stage for their biggest album, Snow in June and a top ten single, She Ain’t Pretty, with a heavily rotated video that earned them one of their five Juno nominations. The band called it quits after the release of their fourth album Neptune in 1993, but were coaxed back into performing for the release of their greatest hits album in 1999. They have continued to record independently, preferring a more casual schedule and avoiding the pressure of answering to a big record label.

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Behind the Scenes at Sunfest: A talk with Alfredo Caxaj

Yodeller Interview By Bruce Monck - - Music & Food
The London Yodeller

Sunfest, this July 7th to 10th, will be celebrating its 22nd successful year in our city. During a particularly busy period of preparation and tweaking, Alfredo Caxaj took some time out of his schedule to talk with The Yodeller about this popular world music festival’s beginnings and future.

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