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VINCE Jenna Faye Powell Sinkers and WatchersSlip, a joint exhibit of recent works by Jill Price and Jenna Faye Powell continues at Westland Gallery until May 30. Both artists explore the up and down trials of contemporary life in visual metaphors of hills, crevasses and sink holes that appear in our physical and psychological landscapes. Price says in a statement that the hills depicted in her mixed-media sketches and paintings “symbolically visualize my journey as a maker and all the barriers, pitfalls, plateaus, challenges and little successes I encounter each day as an artist. The illustrated broken ladders, empty elevator shafts, ropes too short and stairs that go nowhere, symbolize the artistic explorations, efforts, employment and education that have seemed to fall short when reaching for higher heights within my field.”

Powell’s drawings of fantastical pits and crevasses that may lurk beneath our feet sits in nice complement here. Her visualized vortexes and quagmires are highly reminiscent of novelist Haruki Murakami’s obsession with the hidden well that may swallow us at any moment. Watch where you step.

Westland Gallery holds an opening reception for London Street Scenes on Friday, June 5 at 7:30 p.m. Amelia Husnik’s paintings explore the charm and character of our city’s architectural heritage and streetscapes. “Husnik has always been attracted to the VINCE St. George Street - Amelia Husnikforms found in architecture; rooflines, busy details, irregular spaces and colours provide inspiration,” says gallery associate director Danielle Hoevenaars. “She finds these characteristics to be abundant in London and has developed this extensive collection as a result. Husnik has had the privilege of studying art when she lived in Holland as a young woman, and in Europe recently under the leadership of Kevin Bice. These influences resonate in her technical precision complemented by free expression. ‘I think that any city or town has its own uniqueness, but it takes time to discover,’ says Husnik.”

Slip featuring works by Jill Price and Jenna Faye Powell at Westland Gallery until May 30

London Street Scenes, paintings by Amelia Husnik, June 2 – 20


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