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The Other Talk-Radio Shows

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PEGG old radioIt was all ‘Theatre of the Mind’ and what made it work was the fact that most of us were born with an imagination whether we choose to use it or not.”

Contrary to what you may think, there are more options on the AM talk-radio dial than call-in programs usually hosted by local conservative middle-aged white guys. Or nationally-syndicated conservative middle-aged white guys.

Some of the most relaxing and entertaining radio can be found weekend mornings on both of London’s major AM-stations – AM980 and CJBK. Saturdays you can usually find a home reno phone-in show or its vehicular equivalent, The Car Show. But Sunday mornings – in fact just about any time on a Sunday – is the best stuff; infomercials usually hosted by an alleged ‘doctor’ shilling some kind of pill yet to be regulated and usually made from some form of fish cartilage which has ‘miracle’ properties in reducing your chances of dying from arthritis, liver failure, any form of cancer, homeliness, lack of a sex life and old age itself. Other than TV-evangelists it is hard to find such enthusiastic hucksters.

I listen to a lot of talk-radio. Just on the local channels. For reasons due in part to poor reception, the CBC and I parted company years ago. That plus the fact that its political agenda was about as predictable as any London talk-radio host going on and on about texting and driving or the free-market system. Except for ol’ Rex Murphy, I can’t say I miss it. Continue Reading

The Shopping Channel and the Royal Birth

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PEGG charlotte large necklaceWho knew that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were also TSC fans?”

When Kate and William finally got around to announcing the name they had picked out for their newborn Royal Daughter recently, no one was more pleased than I. ‘Charlotte’ happens to be the name of my favourite model on The Shopping Channel. Who knew that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were also fans? Who knew they even watched?

We shouldn’t be too surprised. Among the many fine products of jewelry, fashion, beauty, fitness, electronics and kitchen appliances available on the home-shopping TV-station is also a good representation of Royal Doulton figurines from Engalund. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the heirs to the monarchy have not already registered with TSC for baby gifts from the ‘Bunnykins’ line of the famed British china-makers.

So I was probably the only person who wasn’t flabbergasted when they chose to name their first-born daughter after the comely model of the same name on TSC. She has all the qualities one should hope for in a member of the Royal Family. This tall cool blonde comes across as refined, dignified and with plenty of patience – a must for any of the Royals. Hers’ is a quiet beauty. With a wide closed-mouth smile, high cheekbones and sparkling green eyes, she resembles Grace Kelly, the movie-star turned Princess of Monaco. Now that’s class. And don’t you just know Kate and William picked up on that too.

Truth be told, I have a bit of a thing for TSC’s Charlotte. But rest assured Dear Reader, this is nothing like my obsession with red-haired Morgan Smith a.k.a. ‘The Wendy’s girl.’ That’s just lust. No, my interest in Charlotte comes from a much higher and purer place. Kinda like that ‘Romantic’ love from afar back with the knights and ladies of old in those Chivalry days. That’s because there is an Old World charm to the woman. She has an ageless beauty. In fact, in the twenty years I’ve been watching, she hasn’t aged a day. And I’m guessing it’s because she may be one of the fabled creatures of yore. I realized this one day while watching her model earrings in the Jewelry Hour. Originally I was intrigued by those pixie-like eyes but then I noticed that she didn’t have the same kind of ear-lobes as most people. In fact, they were kinda lobe-less which made them look positively elfen. No wonder she looks the same all these years later. Continue Reading

Starring Adam West – A Documentary About That Guy who Played ‘Batman’

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PEGG adam west cowl“Adam West was doing ‘Shatner’ even before Shatner.”

Need something to do after you get home from Free Comic Book Day, on Saturday, May 2nd? After a day spent lined up outside our local comic shops with people dressed in superhero costumes, what better way to relax while leafing through your scores of the day than by sitting down and watching some sort of related fare on the TV?

Right now, the Netflix is offering a number of films of the superhero genre to choose from – in fact, I often suspect that it takes up most of their catalogue. You’ve got numerous entries from the X-Men franchise; fresh episodes of the new highly-regarded Daredevil TV-series (not to be confused with the Ben Affleck-starring film from many years ago which sadly did not put an end to his superhero career) Watchmen and just about every Batman movie made by Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan and even an animated Dark Knight Returns.

What I couldn’t find listed on the Netflix – although it surely must be on there someplace – is Batman: The Movie – from 1966. A feature-length film of the same TV-show of that era, starring Adam West in the title role and Burt Ward as ‘Robin.’ A who’s who of villains from the TV show include Frank (Riddler) Gorshin, Burgess (Penguin) Meredith, Cesar (Joker) Romero and Lee Meriwether in her first and sadly only appearance as the Catwoman.

As far as I’m concerned, taken moment by moment, this is the most consistently entertaining of all the various Batman films. Don’t get me wrong. I really liked the first Tim Burton Batman – but little of anything else that followed in that era. And although the latest ‘reimaging’ trilogy by Christopher Nolan was hit and miss at times, the payoff was worth it. When L.A. Mood Comics and Games had a free screening of The Dark Knight Rises the opening weekend of its release in 2012, I was so choked up by the ending that when Gord and Carol opened the door to the lobby, I was virtually speechless. Continue Reading

Danger 5 – Continuing Australia’s Gift for TV Satire

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PEGG danger 5 logo“And there’s the introduction of gratuitous nudity and even more gratuitous blood-letting and blood-drenching. I’m not nuts about any of that stuff. Except the nudity.”

In the late 1990s, a late-night television staple for a short time was Funky Squad, an Australian import which had an even shorter life in its native country of origin. Only six episodes were made, but I remember it like it was just yesterday.

A satire of 1970s-era American crime shows, particularly those produced by Aaron Spelling, and specifically Mod Squad, the low-budget series did everything right when it came to parodying such a ludicrous target. Overly-earnest acting, gaudy fashion and hairstyles typical of the period and lots of jive-talking and deadpan dialogue. The cast included variations on the three stereotypes – (“One’s black, one’s white, one’s blonde”) from Mod Squad – but included a fourth member of the team – a silent long-haired guy who was the smartest one of the bunch. At some point in every episode, someone would ask one of the regulars, ‘Hey, what’s with your friend? He doesn’t say much.’ And the reply would always be the same – “You’d be quiet too – if you’d ever taken a bullet in the tongue.”

That spirit is alive and well in the form of another import from Australia, Danger 5, currently playing on the Netflix. Season 1 was produced in 2012. Season 2 is this year’s model. Personally, I prefer the first season. But in both efforts, the premise remains the same. An elite international team of five secret agents is created for one purpose only – to kill Hitler, and thus end the war. The thing is though, the first season is set in the late 1960s/early ‘70s and Season 2 picks up quite a bit later in what appears to be the late 1980s. TV-programmers like to explain all this as being an ‘alternate reality’ or ‘parallel universe’ but that just seems to take all the fun away. I suppose they use those terms to justify the fact that we are laughing and making great sport of the likes of Hitler and most of his buddies – Goebbels, Goring, Mengele, Klaus Barbie. Even Josef Stalin makes an appearance. Continue Reading

A Love Story for Valentines Day

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PEGG jt wink light everyday housewife 2003

JT Winik’s painting ‘Light’ from the Everyday Housewife Series


“They were all curious about a man who could deliver an experience so intense that it could possibly kill you”

Something different for you, Dear Reader. My Valentine gift to all. A love story. Based on true fact. Continue Reading

The Mysterious 98.7 FM

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PEGG sacred cows B&W“It wasn’t until two weeks later on Monday December 29th that I actually heard a live human voice speaking”

After lamenting the ‘evolving’ musical direction of the Tillsonburg station, I had a nice surprise on my FM-dial recently. One Saturday morning mid-December I was enjoying a nice set of tunes from my youth while running errands in the car and had just assumed it was Easy 101-Tillsonburg but no, lo and behold it was tuned to 98.7. Continue Reading

London, Engalund – it’s all about the food

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PEGG london engalund yodeller fraserPeople ask me how I liked London. And I tell them, “Well, it’s very English.”

Just back from Christmas in London, Engalund. Our publisher slipped me his credit card in order to do a “seasonal epicurean guide to London.” I assumed he meant the ‘other’ London and took the whole family. What the dickens, why not? Continue Reading

UNCLE BRUCE’S BEST OF 2014: The Literary History of 95 King Street

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Elusive author J. D. Salinger lived in London, Ontario for five years.

When the Hotel Brunswick – located “in Beautiful Downtown London” (as their outdoor sign once proclaimed) was demolished in the fall of 2008, there was much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth at the loss of this “cultural centre.” And rightly so. It had been a gathering place for musicians and downtown hipsters for decades. Continue Reading