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Explorations of the Barely Perceived

Vince Cherniak - - Art & Books
The London Yodeller

“As we don’t tend to observe or think about transitional spaces, we don’t fully understand how they affect our conscious state”

The liminal space, the in-between or threshold of experience and place, occupies both physical and psychological dimensions. Two new exhibits exploring the liminal terrain of uncertainty, indeterminate identity and transition are on display this month.

VINCE Michael Sinkins ROUNDING Digi work in Muro program

Michael Sinkins: Rounding, Digi work in Muro

New Works by Michael Sinkins effectively promises to be a document of an artist working through the indeterminate space of creative block. While it’s been 20 years since Michael Sinkins’ last exhibition of paintings at the McIntosh Gallery, after a few career diversions the Fanshawe College-trained London artist has found new inspiration. A flurry of recent work, from Rothko and Klee-influenced colour field and abstract expressionist paintings to digitally-enhanced media — as well as custom-painted party hats! — inscribes the artist’s navigation from disillusion to productive insight after a long sabbatical from the public art world.

Post art school, Sinkins encountered some interesting diversions in his métier, including working as a surrogate artist. “A friend from high school was in Manhattan, a trumpet player in John William’s orchestra. While awaiting his green card, he’d enrolled in an arts college and hired me to do most of his assignments. It was challenging, as I was mostly doing abstract work at the time and these were mostly realistic paintings, it was overwhelming . . . but I (he) wound up top of the class with high honours.”

Afterwards, Sinkins found himself in a bit of a dark tunnel until two disparate technologies sparked a creative reawakening: his experience with a Dreamachine re-established an emotional and creative flow, and the advent of social media connected the artist with like-minded creators and collaborators. Continue Reading

The Creative Frenzy of Melissa Parrott

Vince Cherniak - - Art & Books
The London Yodeller

VINCE Melissa Parrott 3(1)“I guess you can see that I have a bit of a theme about preservation”

It’s hard to know where to start describing the artistic practices of Melissa Parrott, aka msmediafrenzy, aka dj mediafrenzy. And what a frenzy: she’s got a hand in painting, photography, tapestry, filmmaking, book illustration, graphic design, zine production, video of dawn breaking on a northern Ontario lake . . . And then there’s her musical side, spinning and mashing vinyl tracks, and hosting the CHRW mediafrenzy Fridays show, where she tackles social justice issues in between playing righteous tunes. Trying to put a handle on her creative force and métier would be like trying to nutshell how the fundamental forces of physics, the elementary particles of matter, come together in a Unified Field Theory (it ain’t happened yet.) Thankfully, Parrot, in a quick tour, does somehow manage to communicate just how her protean energies are expressed and relate in her show Unified Fields, at East Village Art Cooperative (EVAC) until the end of October. Continue Reading