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Stephen Fearing’s Incredible Journey

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VANESSA fearing_8x10_web“You’ve gotta take your music very seriously and you’ve gotta put everything you have into it, but there’s no ‘fair.’”

It’s been seven years since Stephen Fearing put out an album and a lot has happened since then. He lost a marriage, found a new one, became a father and completely altered his professional relationships with his former manager, Bernie Finkelstein, and his former label, True North Records.  He moved from Guelph, Ontario – where he had lived for 16 years – to Halifax, Nova Scotia. All of this took place while still collaborating on musical projects and touring with Blackie & The Rodeo Kings and Andy White. Underneath the chaos, moving from one storm to another, the creative forces were brewing to bring about Between Hurricanes, Fearing’s eighth solo effort. Continue Reading

Monda & Sonia Halpern

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VINCE INTERVIEW SONIA; MONDAMen behaving badly: from dentistry students in Halifax posting misogynist Facebook comments to some serious allegations of sexual harassment and assault (hello, Bill Cosby, Jian Ghomeshi) the news is rife with Neanderthal male behaviour. And then there’s Justin Bieber… though Calvin Klein thinks he’s just tastefully bad enough to be their new underwear model. Meanwhile, the fairer sex has pop icons from Beyonce to Taylor Swift proudly touting their feminist identity — and they’re not tolerating any crap from men. Continue Reading

The Rizdales – The Price is Right

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the rizdales

The husband and wife team on Tom and Tara Dunphy has been fronting the Rizdales for ten plus years now, earning accolades across North America, backing rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson and sharing the stage with such country heavyweights, as the Derailers. The Mavericks and Dale Watson. Tara has just been nominated for the second year in a row for the Ameripolitan Award in the Honky Tonk Female category. They have just released their fifth album, Blue Ain’t the Word: A Tribute to the Music of Ray Price. I caught up with the two for a mini interview. Continue Reading

Letters to the Editor

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Why do liberals refuse to take terrorists at their word? [Political Heat, November 20, Mary Lou Ambrogio]

A fine article with good reasoning. Cultural Marxists have sold themselves a poppycock story of victimhood that purports to explain all terrorism, regardless of what the terrorists themselves say! The Cultural Marxists arrogantly believe they know ‘the real explanation’ when they don’t even understand what the terrorists are saying. How could they? To learn the inner secrets of political Islam takes years. Cultural Marxists are unable to understand the religious motives of others because they are deluded by THEIR OWN religious beliefs of intellectual superiority . . . and the prophet-hood of Karl Marx, their Moses.  - Winniec Continue Reading

Charles Pachter – An Artist Who’s Not Afraid to Prick Balloons

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VINCE Charles Pachter 3In Canada, if you were talented, you were threatening. People got a little nervous if you got too big for your britches. It was kind of a colonial hang-up.

Charles Pachter, once described as our visual Mordecai Richler – someone not afraid to prick balloons — is arguably one of Canada’s more successful living artists. While he has yet to crack the National Gallery, his works hang in 24 Sussex Drive, Queen’s Park, and in major private collections around the globe. At age 72 this month, he hasn’t lost any of the playful vigour that got him international press in 1973 when he put the image of the Queen on a moose. He’s had a wild ride of his own ever since, from his acclaimed collaboration with Margaret Atwood on the fine art print edition of The Journals of Susanna Moodie to making and losing a fortune, and making it back, in real estate ventures. He soldiers on: a new edition of that book is just out, and he’s got big dreams for architectural and cultural projects in his summer home of Orillia. He has a second gallery there, Moose Factory of Orillia, or MOFO, (yes, he knows what it means), and he’s scheming to turn the Huronia Regional Centre into an arts and performance destination. He lectures passionately on Canadian history and imparts didactic Canadiana in children’s books (including recipes for butter tarts). Pachter is delighted to be showing in London. Icons,a survey of his work, runs at Michael Gibson Gallery this December. He’s the kid that got D- in grade nine art over half a century ago, but as Pachter sardonically notes, when he received the Order of Canada his teacher Ms. Hudgins gave him a call to say, “You know dear, I always knew you had it in you!” Continue Reading