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The Creative Frenzy of Melissa Parrott

Vince Cherniak - - Art & Books
The London Yodeller

VINCE Melissa Parrott 3(1)“I guess you can see that I have a bit of a theme about preservation”

It’s hard to know where to start describing the artistic practices of Melissa Parrott, aka msmediafrenzy, aka dj mediafrenzy. And what a frenzy: she’s got a hand in painting, photography, tapestry, filmmaking, book illustration, graphic design, zine production, video of dawn breaking on a northern Ontario lake . . . And then there’s her musical side, spinning and mashing vinyl tracks, and hosting the CHRW mediafrenzy Fridays show, where she tackles social justice issues in between playing righteous tunes. Trying to put a handle on her creative force and métier would be like trying to nutshell how the fundamental forces of physics, the elementary particles of matter, come together in a Unified Field Theory (it ain’t happened yet.) Thankfully, Parrot, in a quick tour, does somehow manage to communicate just how her protean energies are expressed and relate in her show Unified Fields, at East Village Art Cooperative (EVAC) until the end of October. Continue Reading

Jesse Helmer Plays Dodgeball

Vanessa Brown - - Everything Else
The London Yodeller

Jesse Helmer

Ward 4 is one of the most interesting council races in the upcoming municipal election. Incumbent Stephen Orser has been a rather, ahem, controversial member of our local government, often making it into the press for issues that most politicians would try to avoid—like Nazis and sexual harassment. There are several candidates running against him, but none as promising as Jesse Helmer. A small business owner, Helmer is married to a hometown London gal and brings youthful promise and a new perspective to the challenges faced by our city. I chatted with him about his favourite weird sport, his campaign and what he would bring to the job. Continue Reading

London’s New Political Messiah, The Great Confused Paul Cheng™

Barry Wells - - News & Politics
The London Yodeller

politics-for-dummies-imgQUESTION: What’s the difference between Ivan Kasiurak and mayoral candidate Paul Cheng?

ANSWER: Paul Cheng has money but Ivan looks better in a tuxedo.

CHENG’S LAW: When you don’t know what you’re talking about, just say you’re going to “run it like a business.”

A defining moment for wannabe-mayor Paul Cheng, 57, occurred during a mayoral debate on local radio station AM980 last month when Cheng said, “I’ve worked in 18 countries and signed cheques for more money than all the other candidates combined.”

In other words, The Great Confused Cheng™ thinks his purported globetrotting work as an oil-and-gas industry consultant more than qualifies him as London’s next mayor, despite zero city hall or community organizing experience (it’s a different group dynamic altogether than private business) and that his front-running mayoral race competitors Coun. Matt Brown, Roger Caranci and Coun. Joe Swan (with a combined total of 34 years on London city council) are mere pipsqueaks compared to him. Continue Reading