Up With Art Arty Party and Silent Art AuctionTake Over the Palace Theatre April 23rd

By Moira McKee - - Art & Books
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‘We need art. Because art reflects who we are, it transmits our culture, it allows us to see ourselves and connect with others.’  - Richard Gilmore

Described as ‘a multi-sensory experience of art, culture, compassion and community,’ Up With Art is a charitable event in support of The Unity Project and its year round work in helping London’s homeless find shelter and relief.

The Unity Project offers secular, participatory and home-like emergency shelter and transitional housing for men, women and youth aged 18 and over. Shelter residents have personal accountability for taking care of themselves, each other and their community. Frontline staff support each individual with their personal action plan for stability and independence.

More than 70 works of art, ranging in value from $150 to $3600, will be showcased at this gala, all of them donated to this good cause by collectors or the artists themselves with the bidding starting at one half of the appraised price. Project development manager Silvia Langer boasts that in this auction’s sixth glorious yearthe works “cover every inch of the Palace Theatre and there is not a not-awesome work of art in the show.” Proceeds from pieces sold at the auction all go to support The Unity Project’s Life Skills program, an initiative so important to our city, that assists vulnerable Londoners with better navigating “the system” to gain employment and provide the means to care for themselves and others and acquire some stability and independence in a home of their own.


The featured artworks have been gathered into thematically linked sub-galleries. UPwithArtists & UpstARTs features donated works from a stellar list of local, renowned and emerging artistsincluding Deb Worsfold, Jeff Willmore, Erik Atkinson, and Jason McLean. Collectors Alley gathers art donated off-the-walls of notable collectors including two by Gilbert Moll, a Greg Curnoe, a Clark McDougall and a Klaas Verboom. Friends of Unity showcases the art of clients who’ve been helped by the Unity Project, many of whom are now involved with UP’s New School of Colour. One of the most dramatic images in this year’s auction hails from this sub-gallery; Marshall Custus’ Alley Up is a stark charcoal sketch of the street as seen from UP’s front door.


There’s also something called the Winescape Micro-Gallerywhere a dozen quality wines donated by lawyers at Harrison Pensa are paired with (and concealed by) a work on paper by an artist.As much as I enjoy lawyers and wine, the real boon of Up With Art is the art itself. Even if you’re outbid, showing your support with the purchase of a ticket to view this impressive assortment is worth more than what you’d spend on a couple of pitchers and a night of culture at Joe Kool’s. For the sake of inspiring others to attend this worthy event and dig deep in support of The Unity Project’s mandate, I have compiled a selection, a wishlist of sorts, of ten particularly notable and collectible pieces that will all be going up for auction:


  1. Roly Fenwick, Beech Tree (2011) Watercolour on paper
  2. Carl Beam, North American Indians (1998), Mixed media on paper
  3. James Kirkpatrick, Back of Protest, (2015), Acrylic, Acrylic Marker on Paper
  4. Greg Curnoe, Looking N.E. Evening, Skokie Mountain (1989)Watercolour
  5. Duncan de Kergommeaux, Grave stone for Oscar Wilde in Pere LaChaise Cemetery, Paris, France, Colour Photograph with coloured frame
  6. Clark McDougall, Near 13th Concession, Serigraph 149/200
  7. Marie Fournier, A Country Farm, Acrylic on canvas board
  8. Ron Benner, Erie-Place of the Puma (2016), Photographic print on archival paper and clay from Lake Erie Artist Proof (edition of 11)
  9. Geoffrey Hume and Wyn Geleynse, Untitled (2016), Ink(s) and gold leaf on watercolour paper
  10. Gilbert Moll, Clouds (1971),Serigraph, Artist Proof


Up With Art!


April 23 @ 6:00pm

The Palace Theatre 703 Dundas St.

Tickets: $40 Advance, $50 at the door

t: 519.433.8700 / www.unityproject.ca


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