When The Bullied Become Bullies

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Everyone wants their critics banished. Whatever happened to beating them fair and square in the court of public opinion?”


I’ve got a new best bud. His name is Bill Whatcott, and he thinks that my lifestyle goes against God’s natural order, leads to a plethora of sexually transmitted diseases that might kill me, and that I am psychologically unhealthy. What’s not to like?


There are a number of people who are deeply offended by Whatcott’s views and are doing their very best to make sure you never hear about them. We at the Yodeller don’t think our readers are delicate flowers who will wilt in the face of obnoxious ideas. We certainly lay claim to having some of our own ideas and we share them with you every two weeks whether you like them or not.


This round of The Whatcott Controversy began this summer at the Toronto gay Pride parade. Whatcott and a merry band of his followers infiltrated the parade under false pretenses. They called themselves the “Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association” and signed up to march in the parade. They dressed in gay green zombie costumes and handed out pamphlets disguised as packages of condoms, except when you opened them there was “life-saving information” inside.


That information consisted of pictures of a man with a severe case of anal warts, the dead body of a man who died from AIDS being cut open on an autopsy table, and a photo of Justin Trudeau beside another man with oral warts. Trudeau was described as a “chronic attendee” of gay events and as the leader of a Liberal party that not only supported child sex abuse, but actively participated in it.


Revolting, but bad enough to constitute the “tort of conspiracy” that would inflict “provable mental illness or distress” on more than 500,000 people, including our fearless leader Justin – according to the lawsuit that’s attempting to put an end to Whatcott’s crusade? Could it be that handing out a bunch of obnoxious pamphlets is really enough to turn half a million people into diagnosed mental cases?


That’s the allegation in a statement of claim filed in court as a class action suit against Whatcott. The three litigants, one of whom is former Ontario deputy premier George Smitherman, seek an injunction preventing Whatcott from handing out future literature, maintaining his website or participating or coming anywhere near future Pride parades.


The pamphlet is about as offensive as Whatcott gets, and that was enough for him to get sued by the gay activists for $103 million dollars, all of which is supposed to be paid to Whatcott’s basket case victims for turning them mental. But good luck with that. Whatcott is basically broke and living in his dad’s basement. He’s poor, but he’s happy and principled. Which is more than a lot of people can say.


Talking about the lawsuit, Whatcott says he is not a mind reader. So he can’t tell if the people suing him feel truly aggrieved or if this is just a heavy handed way to silence him, in which case the activists are just a bunch of “homofacists”. But in any event, suing him won’t work.


Whatcott has been sued and sued and sued time and time again. He has been prosecuted for hate crimes, been arrested more than 20 times and done stints in jail up to six months at a time. All for the crime of saying what he thinks. He certainly is verbose about it, and he likes his favorite pet issues – in particular homosexuality and abortion. You can say a lot of things about Whatcott, but you can’t say he’s a pussy.


Ironically, one person who has been quick to come to Whatcott’s defense is Arthur Smitherman, George’s estranged brother. He friended Whatcott on Facebook when he found out about the lawsuit and posted a comment saying he was so disappointed with his brother that he wished he hadn’t saved him from drowning in the pool when he was three years old. He told me it’s just his dry sense of humor, but he doesn’t find anything funny about what his brother is doing at all.


He thinks the sole purpose of the lawsuit is to censor free speech. He is very clear about what this is about for him – free speech. “Whether it’s an anti-gay message or the prospect of the holocaust being overblown,” he doesn’t care. This is a conspiracy to take away our right to free speech and to deter anyone who thinks about stepping out of line.


So far, so good. But Arthur gets a little nutty if you let him talk for a while. It’s not just an anti-free speech conspiracy, it’s a socialist plot to cause the collapse of civilization as we know it and bring in one-world government and a one-world army under the United Nations. It’s a plot being orchestrated by banking elites and George is not only a puppet in their evil scheme, but a power hungry participant.


Now I’m all for conspiracy theories. I have a few of my own. I’m convinced someone was out to get me when they claimed the refrigerator was “broken” at the beer store on a very hot day and I ended up with a case of warm beer. Seems obvious, right? But I’m not so sure the Marxists have been all that successful in their attempts to overthrow the global capitalist pigs.


But getting back to Whatcott, he’s actually not a bad guy to talk to. Yeah, he’s convinced I’m going to burn in hell forever, but so are you. “I am sure 90 percent of people are damned forever. I’m an equal opportunity absolutist,” he said to me.


The lawsuit, as I said, seeks to bar Whatcott from marching in future parades, distributing leaflets or having a web site to promote his cause. In other words, they want him silenced. But the reality is that the lawsuit has just handed him a bigger platform than he could have ever hoped for with his zombie get-up.


Let’s face it; the gay community has won the war here in Canada. We have all the rights we could have ever dreamed of and everyone from the Toronto police to the Prime Minister are falling all over themselves to apologize for past wrongs. Does anyone really believe that William Whatcott living in his dad’s basement is going to reverse those gains? Is our victory that fragile, or have the formerly bullied become the bullies in a war of words? Everyone wants their critics banished. Whatever happened to beating them fair and square in the court of public opinion?


I don’t care for William Whatcott’s ideas. I disagree with him. I think he is a nuisance. But he is a nuisance with a right to speak his mind whether I like it or not.


He is very clear he hates the sin but loves the sinner. He claims to have had a number of gay friends, including one with AIDS who came to his wedding in a wheelchair covered in lesions. He worked with AIDS patients as a nurse for six years and says he loved it. He thought they were fine people who had just lost their way and if only they would come back to Jesus, everything would be fine.


He is also clear he is not morally beyond reproach. He was a teenaged runaway who traded sex for drugs from a homosexual dealer. He also sold drugs, beat people up and stole money. He said he lost his moral compass until one day while high on glue in a cemetery he discovered Jesus Christ.


Now some would say it was the solvents, but it changed my life forever. And I think for the better.” He’s certainly stuck with it, minus the glue bag.


He understands how tempting and easy it is to blame being exploited by gay men as a youth for his homosexual rage, but he says it’s not that simple. First, there is no homosexual rage. It is compassion that is the basis of his Christian views. Second, he is not the kind of guy to sit around and feel bad about things he did when he was 16 years old. The past is the past and it’s over and done.


I have to say that, from a personal perspective, I found Whatcott to be a perfectly pleasant and respectful guy. I detected no ill will from him, and he was quite happy to give an interview to a hell-bound homosexual. He even invited me to have coffee with him when he is in town next. This was a bit surprising considering hardly anybody invites me out for anything, but good ol’ Bill wants to be my friend.


Here’s the bottom line. I don’t think Whatcott’s message is very popular anymore. But I don’t believe you should go to jail for what you think, whether it is dumb or not. Whatcott’s views are annoying, but the really offensive move here is the blatant attempt to silence someone with a $103 million lawsuit just because you don’t like what he’s saying.


So I think I’ll have coffee with the guy. I’ll let you know how it turns out.




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